Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Maryland Court of Appeals Grants Cert. in Two Employment Law Cases

The Maryland Court of Appeals will review two employment law cases in its September 2006 term. Both cases arise in Montgomery County. The issues presented are set forth below.

Sterling v. Atlantic Automotive (Ct. Spec. App. unreported) will address the extent an employer is vicariously liable for the harassment of its employee. Will the Court adopt the United States Supreme Court's Faragher/Ellerth anaylsis? In today's Haas opinion, the Court specifically declined to follow U.S. Supreme Court precedent on a statute of limitations issue.

Friolo v. Frankel will decide the extent to which a plaintiff can recover attorney's fee under the Wage Payment and Collection Law for work performed on a successful appeal overturning a trial judge's fee award. The Court of Special Appeals denied the plaintiff's claims for appellate fees.

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