Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rejecting Offer May Disqualify You From Receiving Maryland Unemployment Benefits

STS (a company) laid off Sharon Long from a seasonal position. She applied for unemployment benefits. A few weeks later STS offer Ms. Long a job at a higher rate of pay, but only until tax season ended. Ms. Long rejected the offer because she wanted to full time permanent work.

STS contested Ms. Long's unemployment claim. The company contended that she should be disqualified because she rejected STS's employment offer without good cause. Hence, STS presented the issue -- ultimately decided by the Court of Special Appeals -- of whether Ms. Long's decision to rejects STS's offer was made for good cause.

According to the Court:

We hold that under the circumstances of this case an ordinarily reasonable individual would not have turned down the offer of seasonal employment made by STS. Crucial to our decision in this regard is the fact that Long was offered
a “suitable job.” The job duties were exactly the same as the position she had last held before she became unemployed – and the pay was better.

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