Friday, January 14, 2011

You May Be Entitled to Unemployment If You Quit With Good Cause for Health Reasons.

  Maryland's Unemployment law states that you are eligible benefits if you quit with "good cause."  Good cause is not fully defined but may be shown if the reason  you left work is "directly attributable to, arising from or connected with the conditions of the employment or the actions of the employer."

 Resigning because you suffer from a health problem resulting from an on-the-job injury may constitute good cause.  For example, in the attached decision (identifying information redacted), a Hearing Officer found my client quit with good cause for health reasons.  She suffered from a mold allergy.  When the office flooded, she began suffering symptoms. After being told the office would not be renovated for six months, she quit.  As stated, the Hearing Officer  found my client quit for justifiable reasons directly attributable to work.

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