Friday, April 12, 2024

New Law Will Require Employers Give Wage Notices To Maryland Employees Every Pay Period

 The Maryland General Assembly passed a new law that requires employers give notice to employees every pay period.  This information provides minimum standards for the information normally placed on a physical or electronic pay stub.  The stub/notice must include the following information:

➤ The employer’s name registered with the State, address, and telephone number; 

➤ The date of payment and the beginning and ending dates of the pay period; 

➤ The number of hours worked during the pay period, unless the employee is exempt; 

➤ The rates of pay

➤ The gross and net pay earned during the pay period

➤ The amount and name of all deductions; 

➤ A list of additional pay, including bonuses, commissions on sales, or other bases; 

➤ The applicable piece rates of pay and the number of pieces completed at each piece rate for each employee paid at a piece rate. 

If signed by the Governor, the Law will go into effect on October 1, 2024.


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