Monday, August 14, 2006

Fourth Circuit Re-Affirms Decision in "Black Monkeys" Case

"They should put those two black monkeys in a cage with a bunch of black apes and let the apes f--k them."

I wrote here that an employer was free to retaliate against an employee for reporting the above comment to his employer. A majority opinion (Judge Niemeyer joined by Judge Widener) held that the employee could not have reasonably believed that above single outburst constituted a civil rights violation. This is so because a single racially derogatory remark does not rise to the level of actionable racial harassment

I then wrote here the Fourth Circuit panel vacated it decision for reconsideration.

The Fourth Circuit re-issued its opinion and reached the same result as the original decision. (Judge King dissented.)

I am sure the plaintiff will seek re-hearing en banc.

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