Wednesday, November 29, 2006

True or False: All computer help desk employees are exempt from receiving overtime (i.e., not entitled to overtime).


The U.S. Department of Labor recently ruled that certain help desk employees are entitled to overtime (if they work more than 40 hours in a week). These help desk employees' duties and the amount of time, in general, that they would spend on such duties are described below:

55%─Analyzes, troubleshoots, and resolves complex problems with business applications, networking, and hardware. Accurately documents all work in
appropriate problem tracking software. Prioritizes tasks based on service level agreement criteria with limited supervision.

20%─Installs, configures, and tests upgraded and new business computers and applications based upon user-defined requirements. Assists users in identifying
hardware/software needs and provides advice regarding current options, policies, and procedures. Creates and troubleshoots network accounts and other business application user accounts as documented in the employee lifecycle process.

10%─Participates in the design, testing, and deployment of client configurations throughout the organization. This process requires detailed knowledge of Microsoft operating systems and compatible business applications. Leverages application packaging software technology for deployment of business applications to client systems.

5%─Participates in the analysis and selection of new technology required for expanding computing needs throughout the organization. Works with competing vendors to determine the best selection based on price, technical functionality, durability, manufacturer support, manufacturer vision, and position in the healthcare industry.

5%─Documents technical processes and troubleshooting guidelines. Documents end-user frequently asked questions about computer systems or programs and publishes on Intranet as guidelines for the entire organization.

5%─Monitors automated alerts generated by systems management tools and makes decisions on the most effective resolution.

The U.S. Department of Labor ruled that these help desk employees did no fall within either the administrative or computer employee exemptions. Therefore, these employee are likely entitled to overtime pay when they work more than forty hours in a week.

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