Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Haas: Maryland Court Rules That Statute of Limitations For Discrimination Claim Begins At Termination

I wrote here that the Maryland Court of Appeals granted cert in Suzanne Haas v. Lockheed Martin Corporation. The issue in Haas is when the statute of limitation commences in a discrimination case. Haas contended that the statute began to run on the day that she was actually discharged, October 23, 2001. Her employer contends that the statute began on the day that she was notified of her prospective discharge, October 9, 2001. Haas filed suit October 22, 2003. The statute of limitations for her state law (Article 49B) discrimination claim is two years from the date of the occurence.

Today, the Court of Appeals issued its decision in favor of Haas and found her statute of limitations began on the date she was actually discharged. The Court rejected United States Supreme Court precedent stating that the statute of limitations in discrimination claims begins when a plaintiff has notice of her claims.

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