Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baltimore Business Journal Article on Non-compete Agreements (Subscription Required)

The Baltimore Business Journal recently published a pro-non-compete piece directed at small businesses.  No surprise there:  the BBJ is a business oriented publication.  The reporter, Jack Lambert, called me for the employee perspective on non-competes.  Here is the part of the interview that made it into the article:

When drafting non-compete contracts, employers should consider how great of a burden to put on their employees, said Jim Rubin, a principal of the Rubin Employment law Firm in Rockville. He said some businesses include jury waivers. Those are clauses that dictate where the case can be litigated. They also include requirements that employees pay the company's legal fees if they lose the case."All sorts of provisions are put in there that are really unfair," said Rubin, who represents employees in non-compete contract matters.
I wrote about unfair non-compete contract provisions in my last post.

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